Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)


At Sai Heatreaters & Non-Destructive Testing Pvt Ltd, we provide high-quality PWHT services to improve the properties of your weldment. Our PWHT services refer to any heat treatment performed after welding to meet code and application requirements, as well as service environment demands. The primary goal of our PWHT services is to increase resistance to brittle fracture and relax residual stresses. Additionally, our services may include hardness reduction and material strength enhancements.

One of our specialized techniques is post heating, which prevents hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC). Our post heating process diffuses high levels of ambient hydrogen from the welded area immediately after welding, preventing HIC. The temperature and duration of the post heating process are based on the type and thickness of the material.

Another service we offer is stress relieving to reduce potential stress corrosion and HIC. Our stress relieving process involves heating the material to a specific temperature and gradually cooling it, releasing residual stresses.

At Sai Heatreaters & Non-Destructive Testing Pvt Ltd, we take pride in delivering high-quality PWHT services. We are certified to ISO 9001, ensuring that our PWHT services meet the highest industry standards and specifications. Our team of experts follows strict protocols and utilizes cutting-edge equipment, guaranteeing that every PWHT service we provide exceeds industry standards.

If you’re looking for reliable PWHT services, contact us today at Sai Heatreaters & Non-Destructive Testing Pvt Ltd. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results and providing you with the peace of mind you need.