Computed Radiography Services


We are excited to introduce you to Computed Radiography (CR) technology, which has revolutionized radiographic inspections with its advanced digital imaging system. Discover the benefits of CR technology and how it can enhance your inspection processes.

What is Computed Radiography (CR) Technology?

Computed Radiography (CR) technology, also known as Digital Radiography (DR), replaces traditional film-based radiography with a digital imaging system. It utilizes an imaging plate (IP) coated with photostimulable phosphor to capture X-ray images. The IP is then processed through a scanner, which converts the latent image into a digital format. The resulting digital images are highly detailed and can be viewed, analyzed, and stored electronically.

Advantages of Computed Radiography (CR) Technology


-> Superior Image Quality: CR technology delivers exceptional image quality, allowing for precise defect detection and accurate analysis. The high-resolution digital images provide enhanced clarity, ensuring reliable evaluations of components, welds, and structures.

-> Efficiency and Time Savings: With CR technology, the process of capturing and reviewing radiographic images is faster and more efficient compared to traditional film-based methods. Immediate access to digital images eliminates the need for chemical processing and manual film development, reducing inspection turnaround time.

-> Cost-effectiveness: By eliminating the ongoing costs associated with film procurement, processing chemicals, and disposal, CR technology offers long-term cost savings. The ability to digitally enhance and manipulate images also increases productivity and reduces rework.

-> Environmentally Friendly: Computed Radiography is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional radiography. It eliminates the need for chemical processing and reduces waste from film-based systems, contributing to a greener approach to inspections.

-> Digital Archiving and Retrieval: CR technology allows for easy and organized storage of digital images. The images can be securely archived and conveniently retrieved for future reference and analysis. Digital features like zooming, enhancing, and measuring enable in-depth inspections and efficient data management.


Sai Heatreaters & NDT Pvt Ltd: Your Computed Radiography Partner

At Sai Heatreaters & NDT Pvt Ltd, we specialize in providing comprehensive Computed Radiography services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals, equipped with state-of-the-art CR systems, delivers accurate and reliable radiographic inspections across various industries.

-> Weld inspections with high-resolution imaging

-> Defect detection and evaluation

-> Inspection of pipelines and pressure vessels

-> Examination of castings and forgings

-> Corrosion mapping

Partner with us to leverage the power of Computed Radiography for your NDT requirements.