Close Proximity Radiography

24/7 radiography concept

Also known as SCAR or Small Controlled Area Radiography is the concept of controlling the radiation utilized for RT allowing for radiographic inspection without restrictive shooting windows (24/7 radiography concept), in close proximity to other trades, and without impacting critical sensor systems.


A 6 ft (~2 m) exclusion zone has clear benefits in many applications:

  • Radiography can be performed in close proximity to other trades such as welders, pipe fitter, etc. during turnarounds or outages rather than clearing the area or shooting in windows
  • Nearby processes utilizing nuclear gauges or necessitating UV flame detectors can be left online and safely monitored.
  • Rope access technicians (RATs) can minimize their exposure while remaining in close proximity to the test location.
  • Hot Work Permits issued and required by most plant safety managers are likely to be easier to obtain based on the vastly reduced zone of influence and repeatable setup geometries.

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